July 1, 2008

"With The People" Days

Some nice down-home, home-grown rural politickin' in the Old Dominion State. Former Governor Mark Warner works the crowd and signs autographs. Once you're governor, the title never leaves you.

Warner left office in 2005 with something like a 70% approval rating. I don't think it's decline since. Nobody would every call him a backslapper or a good ole boy, but he can communicate in Richmond as well Appomattox , as you can see here. Warner can talk cell phones and software manufacturing the way Lawton Chiles talked turkeys and raccoons.

It's doubtful Mark Warner could ever play a tune on a fiddle, but folks in Southwest Virginia seem to love to watch him try.

This clip is just a wonderful look at vote-getting handshake to handshake.

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