July 16, 2008

Electoral "C"

An excellent analysis of Ohio's elections the geography of Democratic and Republican victories.

The gist of Florida's victories is easier to visualize I think than in Ohio.

July 14, 2008

Tawes Crab Feast

Again, outside of the Florida political realm, but the stuff of lore--the Tawes Crab Feast on Maryland's Eastern Shore is this Wednesday and I'm sure it will be a repeat of previous festivities. Hot, very hot and hazy. Without a big-ticket political race in Maryland, the First District congressional race will command center stage. And Obama vs McCain will be huge.

Expect to see at least a hundred political signs spread throughout the field, if you can make them out in the Old Bay spiced afternoon haze.

I don't know that Florida has a similar political rite in its history, one that pulls from nearly every region of the state and is a must for every statewide politico.