October 23, 2013

Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading This Saturday

This coming Saturday, October 26, I will be attending The Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading to promote Walkin' Lawton, my award-winning biography of legendary statesman Lawton Chiles.

I invite you to join us for a grand celebration of history and literature. The book fair will run from 10AM to 4PM at University of South Florida, St. Petersburg.
My presentation on Chiles will run from 2PM to 2:45PM at USF Davis Hall #130. Book signing and sales will follow.
Next month, I'm invited to the Miami Book Fair International. I will present on either Nov. 23 or 24.

Hope to see you there!

September 4, 2013

The Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading

On Saturday, October 26th, University of South Florida will host The Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading. It will be an all-day book fair. And it will feature Walkin' Lawton.

I'm looking forward to it!

April 22, 2013

Walkin' Lawton Book Tour Part III

Thanks to everyone who made my Florida book tour experience last week such a treasure. Here is my public schedule of Walkin' Lawton events for May.

Book Signing hosted by Lawton Chiles Preparatory School
Monday, May 20; 6PM to 8PM
Eola Wine Company
430 E. Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 
Book Signing and Talk
Tuesday, May 21, at 4PM
Room 108, Lawton Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies
3111 E Fletcher Ave Tampa, FL

April 8, 2013

Florida Book Tour - Part II

The second leg of my Florida book tour for Walkin' Lawton begins this week and continues through May. Below are the public events that I wish to advertise:

Book Signing
Wednesday, April 10 at 8PM
Books & Books of Coral Gables (265 Aragon Ave)

Book Signing at University of Central Florida Book Festival
Saturday, April 13
My book signing will be from 11AM to 11:30AM at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. 
My author panel activity will be from 10AM to 11AM.
The entire book fair will occupy 9AM to 4PM on Saturday
UCF Arena, Orlando

Book Signing and Talk
Tuesday, April 16 at Noon
Florida Historic Capitol Museum, Tallahassee

Book Signing and Talk
Tuesday, May 21, at 4PM
Room 108, Lawton Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies
3111 E Fletcher Ave Tampa, FL 

Hope to see you there!

March 4, 2013

Tom Staed

Hotelier Tom Staed, one of Lawton Chiles' premier supporters in Daytona Beach, Florida, has passed away.

Staed helped on both Chiles' Senate and gubernatorial campaigns.

I interviewed Staed a few years ago. We sat in his office at one of his oceanside hotels in Daytona. We talked about the Chiles campaigns and how unique they were. It was a privilege to hear so many details from a partner in these pioneering campaign strategies.

I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to record so many insights from elders while they lived, and print the best of them in Walkin' Lawton.

My paternal grandfather was a WWII veteran and an ace pilot. He would relate story after colorful story about life in the skies, life in rural Virginia, life as a storyteller and newspaperman. I'm fortunate to have learned the nuances of oral history from such a talented practitioner. So many of his stories are seared in my memory for all time.

When I sat down with elder Chiles associates like Staed, I did my best to apply the lessons learned at the knee of my Grandpa. Mostly, in my grandfather's living room, I learned how to listen effectively. Many of his stories were told twice or thrice or many times more. For me, the game was to listen for what new shade of intrigue my grandfather offered during his new telling. That novelty was an adventure always.

The political legacy of Tom Staed and many other luminary Chiles associates--a great oral history--lives on in the pages of Walkin' Lawton.

February 27, 2013

Details on UCF Book Festival

Just received my schedule for the University of Central Florida Reading Festival in April. I will be joining a panel discussion about "Making an Impact in the Political Process" with 2 political experts.

I'm looking forward to a great event. 

February 26, 2013

University of Central Florida Book Festival

It's just been confirmed that Walkin' Lawton will be one of the featured titles at the University of Central Florida Book Festival on Saturday, April 13th. The event will be all day at the UCF Arena in Orlando, Florida.

Here is a link to the author page for Walkin' Lawton: http://education.ucf.edu/bookfest/author_detail_2013.cfm?id=49 (photos will be added soon)

I'm excited to participate in the festival and meet other authors.