November 21, 2008

Education Anew

Originally, I had decided to cut education as a policy issue from the governor years. Health care is Chiles' signature issue and I've only allotted so much book space for the governor years. I'm reconsidering that though for a couple reasons. One: education is not possible to ignore. There is some good verbal grist in some of these education press clips.

Case in point: the "Get Off Your Duff" incident. It's all about anecdotes.

Day One of Year Two

I'm halfway through day one of year two of work on the book, as I define my schedule. It's pleasant to see the old articles and a few new ones as I sift a cardboard box full of some of the best press clips I collected in Florida.

November 17, 2008


Things are all set to begin writing again Friday. I have no idea where I'll begin. First I think I need to figure out exactly where I stopped in each chapter and in the interviews. It's been a while.