April 16, 2009

Gray Area

I'm in a gray area on the work on the play...I feel I've filled out the main characters well. Lots of progress on that front. Also feel, however, that maybe this humble Two-Act play wants to be a Three-Act. At 35 pages, it would probably run at most for 40 minutes. I wonder what exactly I'm shooting for...

As with finishing the book, I suppose it's one those things that is always imprecise. You "feel" your way to the conclusion. When it feels done, it's "done."

Right now though, I'm not sure what the play wants from me. My guess is it wants 20 more pages, making it a solid hour-long drama. I think that's the ballpark I'm looking for. To make my central character worthy of some tragedy and some heroism, I'll need 20 more pages for sure.

April 12, 2009

Short Session

Another short work session on Friday; I did manage to put quite a few primary source documents into the "done" pile. Always like doing that.

Worked on the play today. Up to 34 pages now, including some random patches of ideas.

I hope to at least get a few ideas down on my short story before the day is out.