March 4, 2008

Government in the Dark

Not too long ago I watched All The President's Men again. It got me thinking about the Government in the Sunshine Act like never before. I always admired the use of lighting in the film--or lack thereof I should say.

Instead of white light all you get is weird blues mostly. A not-too-subtle hint that corruption thrives in the dark.

Interesting to discover more and more that it was Watergate that broke the back of the opposition to Senator Chiles' "Sunshine" measure, after years of advocacy.


The "Munn Park" chapter is finished--the story at least. And the story is the hardest part, I think. Interview bits, testimonials, statistics--those can all be changed easily. But if you've got the narrative wrong, you're up a creek.

March 3, 2008

Munn Park, Continued

I'll be returning to Lakeland soon for more research. I still remember the hot dog vendor in Munn Park, yelling "hot dog, chili dog, whooo!!" He got loads of business since he monopolized the park foot traffic.

It would be fun to see "Politics in the Park" one election season, but only if it shaped up to be a true clash of the titans--like Lawton Chiles vs Jeb Bush.

It's hard to imagine the time when the entire town showed up at the rally.