April 3, 2009

Creative Cogeneration

In energy engineering parlance, when one major power plant generates enough heat (otherwise waste energy) to drive a few turbines more, they call it "cogeneration."

That's what I've got with the Chiles book. So far it's generated:

1) A Two Act play which I'd say is about 2/3 complete in draft form.

2) The idea to revise and extend a poem I wrote years ago.

3) The idea for a short-story.

Moments like this convey the creative process at its finest.

Bud Chiles in the News - Florida's Children

Via News-Press, Bud Chiles (Lawton Chiles III) is spreading publicity about the Chiles Foundation's new campaign for Florida's children: WorstToFirst.org. Great to see Governor Chiles' legacy in action!

Look forward to a good day of sifting through clips and--hopefully--finishing one or even two interview transcriptions.

March 29, 2009

The Future

I've played with deadlines before. This one is firm:

Count on a finished draft manuscript of Walkin' Lawton this Thanksgiving. From there the wonderful world of revision...then publishing and marketing.

Unto the breach!