January 30, 2009

Friday Report

Good work on the press clips. It's nice to see a once-enormous box of files be sorted and organized and filed. I compiled a progress report of sorts later in the day.

Almost every day I scribble notes on the play draft document. I just bought a book on screenwriting that I think will help. First I'm gonna "diagram" Glengarry Glen Ross. By "diagram" I mean point out the sources of conflict, rank them in a way, and generally trace the shape of the narrative. I don't think there is much to the play other than tracing the conflicts and asking, why? In my opinion, all the characters in the play are flat--not round. Unless you count Shelley getting fired a transformation of sorts, which I guess it is from his perspective.

Once I diagram Glengarry I think I'll have a better read on where I need to dial up or dial down conflict in my two-act play.