June 13, 2008

Library Ledger

Finished collecting the press clip archive from the Lakeland Public Library. Only took a year.

June 11, 2008

Daytona Blues

Good interview yesterday. Taped a few 'gotcha' stories that will find nice homes in the book.

The Daytona beachfront looked less busy than when I first saw it four years ago. Boarded up, glum storefronts and restaurants.

Two things brought back memories though:

1) a car getting stuck in the sand

2) a thunderstorm booming in the distance, to the West

I decided not to take pictures and just enjoy the day.

June 9, 2008

Schedule: An Update

I've decided I'm taking the rest of the summer off, after the coming two weeks of interviews.

I will provide the occasional update to the website, but at this stage I've written over two hundred pages of notes, outlines, and draft material for the book and it's time to just let it cook for a while.

Hopefully there will be some good news items--current events--that I can post.

The other day I saw on Feedburner that somebody Googled "the big hecoon walks just before day" and got to my website. I got a kick out of that.