January 5, 2008

Electoral Vote

For your presidential election online fix, I highly recommend electoral-vote.com. From a small idea hatched before the 2004 presidential election I believe, the website has really blossomed. I don't think they tracked the caucus/primary schedule in such detail last time.

Maps, maps, maps--the key to victory.

January 4, 2008


Congratulations to the winners of the Republican and Democratic Iowa Caucuses. It's funny how Florida makes itself part of the conversation when you don't expect it. All through the minute by minute coverage of Obama, Huckabee, and Hillary, I saw clips of the recent agricultural freeze in Florida.

Florida politicians have had little luck of late on the road to the White House. Governor Bob Graham failed in 2004; Governor Reubin Askew failed in 1984. Many wanted Governor Lawton Chiles to run for president, with perhaps Senator Sam Nunn as his running mate, in 1992. Rumors continue that Governor Jeb Bush will one day seek the presidency.

Actually, no Floridian has ever served as U.S. president. And prospects don't look good for changing that rule. One thing I noticed in last night's coverage of the caucuses--not one presidential candidate mentioned the word "Bush."

January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

The research/writing resumes soon when I return to Florida. The Walk across Florida began in mid-March 1970. I'll see spring in the Sunshine State soon enough.

Torreya State Park in the Panhandle is supposed to look especially good in the spring, among other parks.

Come March, pundits will be abuzz with Florida talk once again, as the presidential candidates fight for every condo complex from Pensacola to Punta Gorda.