October 26, 2010

Biking Across Florida

Splendid revision day yesterday. Lovely fall breeze and intense orange colors in the Maryland leaves around here.

Lawton Chiles is in the Florida news today here and also here, as Democratic CFO candidate, Loranne Ausley, the daughter of Gov. Chiles' long-time buddy Dubose Ausley, is promoting a publicity stunt and athletic challenge inspired by the Walk. She will bicycle more than 400 miles across the state, stumping in city after city on her plan to clean up the state's finances.

Loranne Ausley was a state representative; she now advises the Lawton Chiles Foundation.

Happy trails to her!!

October 25, 2010

Revision Progress

Good writing today and Friday; not finished yet today but moving toward some fine changes. Wonderful autumn weather here in Maryland.