April 5, 2008

Gadsden Pastoral

I made it to Torreya State Park finally and snapped about a hundred pictures before the cloud cover cut the trip short. The mosquiters were out in force. I spotted a nice-sized doe leaping out of the bushes as I climbed down to the riverbanks. On the way back, it was in almost the same place.

The river was quiet and peaceful, except for one motorboat revving back and forth. The highlight was definitely the river vista from the Gregory House front stoop, atop one the highest bluffs in the state.

I couldn't find the ashe magnolia, but I made up for it with a montage of the great Gadsden County roadside wildflowers on the way back. This album focuses on that.

April 2, 2008

Gone to the Sto'

I meandered out to Bradley's Store this afternoon for a large sausage dog with relish, onions, and barbecue sauce. The springtime decorations on Centerville Road these days are as much a treat as that final bend in the road before Bradley's.

There is a flowering vine of some kind on the roadsides that looks like a grape vine but I'm pretty sure it isn't. The flowers are lavender in color.

I've been tempted to bring the camera along but you gotta just soak it up sometimes and forget making that perfectly proportioned shot.

Sometime soon I'm gonna bring my Canon Powershot along for a springtime montage.

March 31, 2008

Lost in the Wildflowers

I drove out for a while yesterday looking for Torreya State Park so I could snap some sunset shots of the blooming ashe magnolia, torreya trees, Florida yews, etc.

Instead I got lost for a half hour or so near the hamlet of Sycamore. It was pleasant enough driving. Lots of deep red wildflowers on the roadsides.

I'll take lots of photos when I do find the place. This time I am bringing several maps instead of a vague recollection of where the place is. I thought it was closer to Chattahoochee than it actually is.