December 6, 2008

Campaign Finance

A productive session yesterday; I logged in a series of articles on the Chiles' campaign finance reform package passed at the start of the governor years. I got bored with some of the primary source documents.

It called to mind the expression: "no surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader." I didn't throw them away of course; I simply put them in my "finished with them for now, but will review them one more time" pile. This operation is becoming more organized by the week. Documents that I truly feel ready to store away for perhaps one last final look after the manuscript is done I will put in a special marked plastic bin--once the pile gets big enough.

Thankfully, my desk is big enough now that I can sort documents with ease--no clutter, no wasted time.

I may be working fewer hours on the book these days, but one good hour is worth a thousand wandering ones.

December 4, 2008


All the remaining material for the book has been collected and tomorrow I'll add it to the "starter pack" I worked with two weeks ago. Ah the joys of the paper trail...I want to settle my accounts with the paper archive before I take up the interview trail once more.