June 6, 2008

Mudcat Speaks

The Mudcat is surely a close cousin of the He-Coon.

He's making waves of late in the news clips on Obama's visit to Bristol, Virginia--the heart of Appalachia.

In the spirit of "Walkin' Lawton," let's throw the spotlight on a forgotten small town and its vibrant politics.

Reedville, Virginia in the Northern Neck, on the opposite side of the state from Bristol. Here it's the three F's the drive life: fishing, farming, forestry. Or, looking at it another way, it's all some type of farming. It is unincorporated I believe, and I think it claims about a thousand residents.

Reedville prides itself on being the nation's headquarters for the menhaden fishery. Its maritime museum brings visitors, too.

The beach at Reedville is a lovely spot for a backyard fundraiser or party. You're at the mouth of the Potomac River, close enough to feel the Atlantic Ocean winds whip at your back.

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