May 2, 2008

Blue Crabs for Votes

Although the Chesapeake Bay region prides itself on supplying the nation's finest clawed crustacean culture, little Panacea on Florida's Gulf coast offers the annual Blue Crab Festival for those who can't make it all the way up for a bay day.

From its online description, the festival looks to be another political sieve to separate the real mullet-tossers from those on a no-Panhandle diet.

Remember, from Jay to Panama City to Tallahassee, north Florida crackers knew Lawton was one of them when they saw him throw a mullet farther than the rest--even if he voted like a "damn liberal" sometimes.

It's the same in Maryland. If you can bash a crab in with a wood mallet, smother it in Old Bay seasoning, and wash it down with a gulp of a Baltimore micro-brew, you're gonna win some votes.

Looks like a great event.

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