April 27, 2008

Copperhead Ale Politics

There is a beer called Copperhead Ale, made by Fordham brewing company I believe, that's pretty easy to remember for me because I think of the copperhead snake and its brown colors and the deep brown-colored beer.

There is also a bygone political tag, "Copperhead," used by FDR to describe the Democrats from the South or elsewhere who voted "present" or even opposed big planks of the New Deal.

In the Reagan Era, the "Boll Weevils" (Reagan Democrats) challenged the "Gypsy Moths" (rebel Republicans).

I guess the dearth of political animals in the Bush-Clinton Era shows how little overlap there is in the two parties today. Everyone stays in their own playpen, and political reporters are left scavenging for nonsense stories about a Democratic Party schism between working class old-timers and Obama New Age yuppies.

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