February 1, 2008

Looking Up to Government

I was watching the last season of The West Wing the other day with a friend and we struck up a conversation over the camera angles on President Bartlet. In the Sorkin seasons and after, it's a common technique to end the entire episode or a scene with the camera looking up at his face--to give the impression of grandeur I guess. Like in Citizen Kane.

Folks always say the White House was built to intimidate and humble foreign leaders. But so can state houses.

I'm partial to the Maryland Capitol in Annapolis, but I give the Florida seat of government high marks--especially for the upward sloping path to it on Apalachee Parkway. The Old Capitol is built on Tallahassee's highest Appalachian foothills, and especially in evening when the sun sets, driving up Apalachee to the very top makes you think about government--even if you're on the way to the grocery store.

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