December 13, 2007

Going the Extra Mile

Walking on the campaign trail can be such good copy...easily packaged into a great PR story.

Check out Carrie's walking for John Edwards in the dead of Iowa winter. This is snipped from a recent Edwards for President e-mail:

"Will you go the extra mile for John Edwards? Carrie Duncan is.

Every afternoon, when 47 year-old Carrie finishes her job as a food service employee for the New London school district in Iowa, she starts walking... and walking... and walking -- all for John Edwards.

Carrie walks a total of 6.1 miles -- a 95 minute journey -- to her home near Lowell, Iowa. As she braves the biting cold and snowstorms, bundled up in her cold weather gear, she carries a large "John Edwards '08" sign so drivers passing by can see her support for John.

Carrie has made a commitment to walk the 6.1 miles and to carry the sign until the night of the Iowa caucuses on January 3 -- a total of 128.1 miles over the next 21 days -- no matter the weather."

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