November 11, 2007

"Bruce, Blues, and Barbecue"

I saw this event on John Edwards' (D) public schedule and it reminded me of the feasts--or "feeds" as they were called sometimes back then--that Chiles attended in rural Florida as he worked his way down to the Keys.

Something about the mix of big personalities, food, and music.

I've studied the material up to where he walks Sarasota, and still get a kick out of his stop in Kissimmee:

I walked into Kissimmee Saturday morning and right on into the Silver Spurs Rodeo parade. For the most part it was just me and the horses walking in that parade. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of horses ahead of me and I would have to say it caused a bit of a problem for me. But it being July 4th and my first taste of getting home — Osceola County is in my senatorial district — no problem could keep it from being a great day. The crowd was tremendous and reacted warmly to my walking while the other officeholders and office seekers rode in cars. They talked to me and applauded enthusiastically and about had me floating over the problem the horses were leaving in the road ahead of me.

Now that's a 4th of July celebration!

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