October 29, 2007

Trash on the Campaign Trail: '70 and '07

Lawton Chiles walked in 1970 to meet people and listen, not to pick up trash, but he did both when he could on SR 4, US 90, US 92, US 1, and the rest of the Florida trail.

In DeFuniak Springs: "The aluminum can looks like it is going to be with us forever. It really distresses me that people will destroy all of our beauty with their litter...It's awful hard to catch people of this kind, but I'm going to work to see that the penalties are made more severe for both littering and vandalism." (Chiles Hikes)

In Ponce De Leon: "I would never be a litterbug. I carried a Coke can 10 miles in my pocket one day." (Van Gieson)

In Lakeland: "There's so much litter along the highway. I hear companies are paying to get throw-away cans back, and even at a penny a piece, I could finance a fantastic campaign if I picked up everyone I saw." (Brown)

Albert Pollard (D), candidate for State Senate district 28 in Virginia, is walking, talking, and bagging trash on the Northern Neck's highways with a smile. Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) joined the fun--as reported by Chris Guy at Raising Kaine blog.

Route 360 never looked so good!

For all their differences, the Pollard '07 and Chiles '70 campaigns share a common value: willingness to sweat, blister, pick up beer cans, and kick up dirt on the roads and highways rather than sling it at political opponents.


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