October 1, 2007

Three Month Totals

-About 10,000 pages of press clips from his entire 40-year career in public service, from a variety of sources especially Lakeland Ledger, St. Petersburg Times, Miami Herald, and Tallahassee Democrat
visits so far to Quincy, Lee, Lakeland Madison, Live Oak, Gretna, Mount Pleasant, Oak Grove, Chattahoochee, Havana, Monticello, Lamont and several state parks and refuges
-about 20 interviews
-a new chapter added, tentatively titled "One Dollar Chicken"
-found enough material for chapter on school prayer bill of 1996
-visited UF archive and pulled almost all Walk material
-about 1500 hits on website from 22 states and about a dozen countries
-more than 100 posts on website
-solid progress on draft of first chapter "Munn Park"

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Anonymous said...

WOW John keep up the great work!!

Dan McD