October 13, 2007

Jay: Town Center to City Hall

If pressed, you might put Jay and Century in the Pensacola "metro area." But it's not "on the way" to anywhere so there's not much traffic and hardly any signs of the swamp-to-suburb demographic explosion across Florida. Jay is about as close to Mobile, Alabama as it is Pensacola, Florida.
About the only sign of "typical" Florida. Boxes for the paper of record, Pensacola News-Journal.

The seal for an old bank of Jay.
Bank of Jay closed business.
Side street off of the main intersection. The commercial heart of the town. Everyone is at the peanut festival.

Jay City Hall.
Small, but proud. There are a couple of these trash cans around town.
Sadly, I missed the pet dress-up parade, too.
They've got a town park, too.

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