October 17, 2007

"Country Boy"

Country boy, redneck, cracker, yokel, bumpkin, hick, cowlick...the language and lore for rural dweller is endless. As far as books go, I still can't think of anything that makes me think of a Polk County boyhood more than Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. I was listening to some Johnny Cash the other day and found some lyrics that made me think of a Chiles boyhood--except for the farming part. One of Cash's few sunny songs, "Country Boy," reminds me a lot of the careless good times he must have had swimming and fishing in Lake Morton and hunting in the woods down the street from his home in Lakeland.

I don't know that Cash penned any songs about Florida. I'm sure he could have done a job. One thing is for sure, the Sunshine State has plenty of prisons he could have played in.

See Johnnycash.com for more info on him.

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Anonymous said...

Are you crazy????? You did not give Live Oak a chance. Either you were a rude visitor or you must have not been there very long. There is much more to us than the terrible picture that you painted! Shame on you!