October 3, 2007

Chiles and His Florida: Lee

Lee, Florida gets no mention in the Walkin' Notes, but it'll stick with you. The village sits quietly on US 90 between the bigger towns of Madison and Live Oak. Lee has money--you can tell because the elementary school is quite well-furnished from the looks of the exterior. I'm guessing it's the lumber industry that created the village. It's got a nice pine nursery just outside of it. Otherwise, there is not stop light just a blinking light at the main intersection, a general store, and a gas station.Chiles loved little places like this that didn't much other than Panhandle pride. I bet they have a possum festival, or hay rides or something special they're known for. It's always the tiniest villages that have once-a-year spectacles like that.

Lee Elementary School. Doubles as their polling location I'm sure.

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