September 16, 2007

The Pig Roast

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D) recently held a pig roast in rural Virginia. This photo, credited to Raising Kaine, shows the line of 100 or so people waiting to talk to the state's new Democratic U.S. Senate candidate. Apparently Warner injured his leg in a game of basketball.

This was the sort of up-close grip and grin that Governor Chiles excelled at. Except he didn't wait for folks to line up, he made the first move and walked to them.

The chicken dinner and fish fry can be potent weapons in the hands of an old-fashioned populist campaigner. Chiles knew how to squeeze the most free media out of every shindig, the most friendship out of every handshake.

And when he got blisters or leg cramps, he just kept on walkin'.

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