September 19, 2007

PAC-Man vs Lawton Chiles

In his post today, "Tim Kaine is a Super Money Machine," Raising Kaine blogger Lowell Feld trumpets Virginia Governor Kaine's barnstorming fundraising binge on behalf of the state's candidates for the General Assembly.

All the money goes into Kaine's Political Action Committee, "Moving Virginia Forward," including funds from a $1 million fundraiser soon at Pentagon City.

Made me wonder: did Chiles ever start a "Walkin' PAC" or "He-Coons Together" outfit? I know that he never took PAC money for himself, but perhaps a reason why the Florida Democratic Party crumbled so quickly after he died--beyond its rampant incompetence and disorder--was the lack of a statewide PAC to funnel cash to Dems running for a seat in the state legislature. If so, it's a poor excuse.

When politicians can't muster the creativity, guts, or determination to say "NO" to PAC-Man, it's easy to just blame PAC-Man.

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