September 22, 2007

In My Day We Called Them "Turkeys"

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (D) is at it again, this time targeting "loopholes" in the state's tax code--real estate recordation and transfer taxes--that benefit mega-corporations at the expense of the larger community.

In Governor Chiles' Florida, 1990-1998, those myriad loopholes and special pork provisions in the tax code went by the name "turkeys."

Turkey-hunting was a favorite pastime for Governor Chiles, with and without a rifle.

Once he was inaugurated in January 1991, he immediately pledged to deliver the state's first "turkeyless" budget, incurring the wrath of many a Republican and conservative Democrat.

His fight made him so many enemies, no wonder he went to the woods so many times to bag a few gobblers.

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