September 26, 2007

An Archiving Question

Here's a question to drive your research into Florida history:

If you're aiming for regional balance in press coverage, which papers would you choose? I guess the answers abound. Not sure what the right answer is.

So far I've mostly collected from the following:

Sun-Sentinel (South Florida)
Palm Beach Post
Tallahassee Democrat
Orlando Sentinel
Miami Herald
Tampa Tribune
St. Petersburg Times
Bradenton Herald

Most of the best coverage--the detailed tick-tock that reporters love--has come from the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times.

For some reason the Pensacola News-Journal isn't coming up in my searches on the state library archive. Don't want to ignore the Panhandle. To me, the most important time for diversity of coverage is during the Walk--spring and summer 1970. I want to get lots of good yarns from the trail at each location of the walk, as momentum grew bit by bit.

But I suspect you never know when the variety of voices will matter in the writing.

One thing is for sure, when you hear something like "The ole He-Coon walks just before the light of day" from the governor, it matters if you're an old conch sitting at a cafe in Key West, or a store owner in Havana, or an amusement park ride mechanic in Orlando, or a CEO in Tampa, or a visiting tourist listening to the radio on I-95.

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