August 26, 2007

Walkin' With a Purpose: Albert Pollard

Albert Pollard, businessman, former executive director of the Virginia Sierra Club, former delegate from the Northern Neck, is now running for state senate to replace State Senator John Chichester (R).

He is doing it in an innovate, awesome, energetic way that recalls Chiles.

He is taking a risk.

In addition to the conventional campaign tactics, Pollard has taken to walking and picking up trash on the rural highways of the 'Neck. He gets folks involved in doing something other than licking envelopes--something that helps the community before one vote is cast. And he gets his name out there with signs that follow the trash bagging. Free media galore.

Best wishes to Pollard on his clean-up

The town pictured to the right is historic Reedville, on the tip of the Northern Neck.

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