August 19, 2007

Trail to Jubilee

On the north side of Miccosukee Road, you might as well be moppin' the floor with Pinesol the trees' aroma is so thick. Lots of big oaks too with big personalities, wrapped in Spanish moss. You can drive the whole length of Miccosukee all the way to huntin' country, or you can get out at the Miccosukee Canopy Greenway Park and take the trail. I'm not sure where the trail leads if you walk the entire thing, but I know it starts to wind through the heart of the private hunting pastures after about a half hour or so of steady hiking. I started to hear hunting dogs baying so I turned around and hiked double-time back to my Gatorade warming up in the car. Beware the He-Coon.
This grass in the park is neat and tidy. The grass along Miccosukee Road is tall and gangly. As I walked along the road to the park, I confused a short black pipe with yellow wiring wrapped around it for a coral snake. After that I decided to drive to the park instead.

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