August 17, 2007

"It's All About Bucks, Kid"

...Gordon Gekko's sophistry still works today. Mitt Romney is a disciple.


Top Contributors

Goldman Sachs $175,975

Merrill Lynch $124,250

Marriott International $113,050

Bain Capital $107,600

Bain & Co $99,400

Morgan Stanley $91,800

Kirkland & Ellis $84,100

Citigroup Inc $75,100

Compuware Corp $73,650

Hig Capital $71,175

American Financial Group $70,200

JP Morgan Chase & Co $62,150

Affiliated Managers Group $58,762

Staples Inc $58,550

PricewaterhouseCoopers $58,200

Ropes & Gray $57,300

E*TRADE Financial $52,900

Lehman Brothers $52,150 UBS

Americas $49,350

Energy Solutions $47,900

(Credit: OpenSecrets.Org)


True, the average voter speaks to Romney. Wall Street just speaks louder.

Now let's look at the Chiles legacy. Even as he contemplated a fourth term in the U.S. Senate, politics the Chiles way was still a family affair. Although he ultimately decided to retire, disillusioned by his hours haranguing to an empty gallery about the federal budget deficit, his family was ready and excited about another gutsy grassroots campaign. Bud Chiles, Lawton's eldest son, would handle the media and TV spots. His other son Ed would help organize the hundreds of $100 donations necessary just to pay for lawn signs. Tandy, his eldest daughter, would help in Orange County with volunteer mobilization. His youngest daughter, Rhea, would help. Even the grandkids pitched in. Above all, his wife Rhea took the lead in marshaling the massive volunteer network that Chiles had to conjure months and months before Election Day. The family fought hard over whether to keep the $100-a-head limit, but Lawton was firm. The limit on contributions, like the Walk in 1970, was his special bond with Floridians.

He must have loved the fact that his network of family advisers was always worth a thousand Karl Roves.

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egg said...

For what it's worth:
Marriott? Owned by Mormons. Conspiracy? No. Coincidence? Probably not.