August 30, 2007

Gretna, Florida

Gretna, Florida is a small town on highway 90, on the Chiles Trail. Many economic analysts believe it to be the poorest town in Florida. Things haven't changed much since 1970.

But for Chiles, the path to the governorship went through Gretna. I'll be visiting Gretna and some other towns farther out on 90 soon and taking pictures. As a preview, here is a clip from Chiles' "Walkin' Notes":

I passed thru Gretna last night, which was just on the other side of Mt. Pleasant, and then we spent the night in the camper pretty close to Quincy. Today is the first day that I can say summer has arrived in North Florida. It was hotter today than any day on the trip so far, and I really noticed it. I know I didn't do anything but lose weight today because it sure was hot.

Chiles lost 20 pounds on the Walk.

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