October 25, 2012

Dear Friends:

Walkin' Lawton is now available for online pre-order through Amazon.com. A Kindle version is forthcoming.

Pre-ordered copies will ship after November 20, the official release date. A book tour will follow through Florida, Washington, DC, and Connecticut (Yale).

Walkin' Lawton has been a labor of love and a source of intellectual and spiritual inspiration for 5 years--3 years of writing and research followed by 2 years to secure a publisher and complete editing and publication.

Chiles walked a thousand miles under the Florida summer sun and forged a lifelong bond with the land and the people of his state. His "Walk" campaign became a symbol of his career commitment to the public interest. Chiles deserves a strong legacy. I hope you will read this book and learn more about this marvelous man and magical politician. If you enjoy the story, I hope you'll share it.

After a long and fulfilling creative adventure on the "Lawton Chiles Trail," my literary career has truly begun. I'm grateful to my friends for the support and good faith they have shown throughout this journey.

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